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    Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins

    We are ordinary folks who have heard the bad news:

    • that we have all sinned and fall short of God's perfection, and
    • that we deserve to be punished forever for our sins
    and the good news:
    • that God loved us and sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who
    • died on the cross to pay the punishment for our sins,
    • was buried in a tomb,
    • and was raised from the dead
    and have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior.

    We meet together on a weekly basis to worship God, to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, to study God's Word (the Bible), and to encourage and minister to one another.

    Whether you are just considering the claims of Christ or you have been a Christian for many years, we invite you to come join us this Sunday.