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    A reminder of God's awesome power.

    Greetings! We're a family-friendly house church in Sanford, Florida. We're Bible-believing Christians who enjoy meeting together in homes for fellowship, worship, prayer, Bible study, teaching, and ministry.

    Did you know that in the New Testament times believers met together in their homes for fellowship? Church is not a place, or at least it's not supposed to be. Rather, the Church is the body of believers - the worldwide body of believers or a local fellowship of believers. You can find out more about the distinctions between the New Testament church and today's more traditional churches.

    Are you a Christian (or interested in learning more about Christ)? Would you like to join us some Sunday (to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, our Saviour) for a time of singing, prayer, sharing, and Bible teaching, followed by a fellowship meal together?

    Whether you're looking for a house church or a more traditional church, we would encourage you to check out our web site, then drop us an email ( and come visit with us some Sunday. Whether you live in our local area or are just passing through, we would enjoy meeting you and having a time of fellowship together.

    Have a great day in the Lord!